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For nearly 35 years, Museoiden Hankintakeskus has served museums, archives, foundations, libraries, conservation and educational institutions as well as private customers. If you need protective materials, supplies or tools aimed at protecting and preserving collections or objects that make up our cultural heritage, we have the solution you are looking for. Our range of products also includes high-quality materials used in conservation, renovation and book binding as well as artist supplies. We strive to broaden and deepen our selection to meet our customers' needs, which is why suggestions and questions are appreciated.

Please get in touch - we would be happy to tell you more about our products. We provide help with various questions related to storage and come up with solutions and alternatives when problems arise. We would also like to know if there is something you are looking for that is not available in our selection.

The primary goal of conservation is the preservation of our cultural heritage. The corrective measures taken during conservation either slow down or prevent the destruction of the object. Aesthetic aspects as well as factors that guide the use of the object in question also need to be taken into consideration. The competency of a professional conservator also includes preventive conservation aimed at mitigating damage. In this case, the focus is above all on environmental conditions, such as air humidity, lighting, temperature, storage materials etc.

Paper conservation covers a wide range of objects, which are not necessarily made solely of paper. The work of a paper conservator always entails preservation of information as well.

maps books manuscripts

drawings pastels graphic art

photographs printed material archived material

negatives parchment posters papyrus

We are members of the Nordic Association of Conservators - Finland, and adhere to the ethical guidelines and criteria of the field in all our work.

Paperikonservointi A. Aaltonen, which is affiliated with Museoiden Hankintakeskus, provides a wide range of expert services in paper conservation. Come and see us and check out our range of services. You can find us in Herttoniemi in Helsinki.

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